Fan Club - Microdrama for Objects

Matteo Marangoni

Installation – 2010

8 minifans form a chorus that articulates the acrobatics of a balloon in the airspace above them. The balloon appears to behave autonomously, but is no more than a puppet controlled by the fans.

A wooden box functions both as stage and resonating chamber, amplyfing the fan’s sound. A radio provides a counterpoint to this, producing in combination the sonic impression of a large air conditioning system or of a jet engine. Each fan is controlled by a computer, which also generates the fm synthesis played on the radio.  The piece is structured as a sequence of successive scenes, experienced by an audience of two sitting on a couch positioned in front of the fans.

The work is loosely modelled on Classical Greek drama. It stages a  relation of chorus and first actor also found in the the tragedies of Aeschylus. Logical resolution, in this case the ballon falling or exploding, is prevented by the conflicting forces of gravity and technology, probing the question of how modern technological entertainment can be related to the practice of ancient ritual.

Microdrama for Objects was presented in a cell of the former prison complex of Le Murate in Firenze during the Exhibition “L’Artista Indisciplinato” curated by Ilaria Castellino and supported by the Festival della Creatività.