“SoundKino: A projection of a sound in space by multiple sources leading with a significant analogy to analogue/digital conversion and mingling meaning with devised cybernetic extensions trough several senses while sound bathing in a public swimming pool or wating for a friend to show up in front of a cafè late at night.”

From the Unabridged Dictionary of Pataphisics, RandomHut publishing, City Name,  2008

Since reality is manufactured by the media, playing with media can make reality more agreable, and while almost every action produces a sound (to be stealthy is just a way to avoid the issue) making noise might work better and relations could be established.

Not thinking at all about any of this in 2006 Switch - Creative Social Network - started SoundKino as a collaborative project to promote the production and dissemination of new media and sound works tackling today’s artistic enquiries.